Staff Appreciation Goes A Long Way – Rewarding Hard Working Staff

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Staff Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Showing your staff that you appreciate their hard work and dedication is vital in the workplace for morale and productivity.

Sometimes work can get tedious and boring and when staff begin to lose interest and heart then levels can drop. This often results in a revolving door culture – a negative on all fronts.

That’s why showing your employees that you value them as individuals and as workers can have a massive effect on retaining staff. It really is true that a happy company has happy workers behind it.

But how do you do this and how do you keep everyone happy, particularly with so many working at different levels e.g production, warehouse, office staff and management.

The answer is simple – treat them every now and again to something they will all enjoy – a free lunch.

More and more companies are adopting this practice and with so many different types of cuisine out there, it’s proving a big hit – and of course it can be tax deductible so everyone’s a winner.

Bringing in an outside caterer, streetfood style, is a really popular trend now. All you need to do is research catering companies that will come to your workplace, set up and then serve your grateful employees over the lunch period.

The ‘foodie Friday’ trend has been big in London for a while but it is spreading rapidly as more firms adapt this morale boosting idea. Food that is popular with all tastes such as jacket potatoes with fillings for meat eaters and vegetarians is perfect – as is pizza or fish and chips.

So if you are looking to get on the right side of your staff then treat them to lunch and you’ll be amazed at the buzz and upturn this can create.

Simple but quirky always does the trick.

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Scott Nasser is a director and Juicy Jackets, the UKs premier traditional jacket potato caterers.

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