How to Avoid the Stress of Event Planning

Got a big ‘do to plan but can’t be bothered with the stress that comes with it?

Maybe you’re organising your own wedding, but aren’t keen on all the opinions the in-laws want to offer up? Or perhaps you’re planning a surprise 50th, but no one can agree on what food to serve?

Here’s a fool-proof list on how to organise an event and save yourself the stress.

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Received a Valentine’s Proposal? Here’s How to Begin Planning Your Wedding

Did your Valentine’s Day consist of a bit more than flowers and chocolates this year? If yesterday was a big day for you, then congratulations!

For those who proposed and those who received a proposal, the time will soon come where you have to start planning the big day. The sooner the better, as you can bet your favourite venue will be booked up for at least the next two years.

Here are some tips on what to get sorted as soon as possible – the rest can wait until you’ve had time to rest!

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