Top 5 Festival Wedding Ideas

If a traditional church wedding isn’t quite up your alley, why not opt for something slightly more alternative. For the festival-lovers among us, celebrate your love of sun, music and beer with a Glastonbury-style wedding!

While festival style weddings take slightly more organising than the average wedding, you can be certain that your day will be unique and special to the both of you. Here are our favourite festival wedding ideas that you can try out.

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City vs Country Wedding

Are you having to make the tough choice between a groom who wants a wedding in the city and a bride who would nothing more than a rustic country gathering?

Having to compromise on the wedding you want can be a difficult decision, especially when you have to give up something you’d love.

To help you stay positive, we’ve come up with some reasons why both country and city wedding can make your day special.

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Preparing for a Rainy Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can put a very special stamp on your big day. You have more flexibility to create the wedding you really want, and aren’t confined to one building out of a handful you actually like – you can quite literally have your wedding anywhere!

But for some, choosing an outdoor wedding can be a bold choice; especially for those of us living in the very rainy UK.

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