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Preparing for a Rainy Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can put a very special stamp on your big day. You have more flexibility to create the wedding you really want, and aren’t confined to one building out of a handful you actually like – you can quite literally have your wedding anywhere!

But for some, choosing an outdoor wedding can be a bold choice; especially for those of us living in the very rainy UK.

If the day before the wedding is promising dark clouds and heavy showers, this is how you should prepare, without letting it dampen your spirits.

Cover up

Firstly, you need to make sure none of your guests are going to have their outfits ruined. Make sure you have enough umbrellas for everyone, and a few extras to cover any breakages.

If you’re planning to have both the ceremony and reception outdoors, it can be a good idea to have a couple of marquees on standby in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. You should also measure its size in comparison to your seating areas – or better still give it a try beforehand to make sure everyone will be covered.

Get some great photos

If you think a rainy day is going to spoil your gorgeous wedding photos, think again. Overcast days provide some of the best lighting for photographers to work in. A bit of rain can also mean you need to get creative to make it work, which will definitely make some great memories of your special day.

If you think black umbrellas might ruin your lovely wedding photos, instead switch it up with some jazzy, bright umbrellas instead. You can even use these in your photo shoot for some Singing in the Rain style pics!

Serve warm food

This is an important one. For any guests who might be starting to feel the chill of a cooler day, warm food is a must.

Rather than sacrificing your outdoor day for a sit down meal inside, keep it that extra bit special with the addition of food vans. You can get any kind of food van; pizza, ice cream, cocktails and of course jacket potato and hog roast!

Whatever tickles your fancy, make sure you keep your guests happy with a good warm meal inside them.

Plan B

If the weather turns particularly bad, you should always have a plan B. You may have tried your best by erecting a marquee and giving out umbrellas left right and centre, but when the wind picks up and the rain gets heavier, it might be time to take things inside.

This may mean negotiating with your venue to make sure they have an alternative space where your friends and family can take refuge from a stormy day and still have a great time, so make sure you do this in advance.

Enjoy it no matter what the weather!

It can be really easy to let the weather affect your mood for the entire day, especially when it’s pouring down on your outdoor wedding.

But, whether you have family complaining about the cold or the bridesmaids upset because their make-up is ruined – try to embrace it as part of the memory and have a great day anyway. The only thing that can really ruin the day is a bad attitude!

Did you have a rainy big day? Or are you expecting one to turn up last minute at your outdoor wedding? Tell us what your backup plans are in the comment section below!

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