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City vs Country Wedding

Are you having to make the tough choice between a groom who wants a wedding in the city and a bride who would nothing more than a rustic country gathering?

Having to compromise on the wedding you want can be a difficult decision, especially when you have to give up something you’d love.

To help you stay positive, we’ve come up with some reasons why both country and city wedding can make your day special.

Country quirks

For those unsure about a country wedding, there are plenty of reasons why this can become your perfect day.

Scenic surroundings

Top of the list for a countryside wedding is the stunning views they offer. Provided you end up with a good forecast, you’ll get some of the best wedding photos ever!

Rustic venues

One of the main points of a country wedding for most couples is the huge number of beautiful locations there are to choose from. Whether it’s the local church or a stately home, there’s sure to be something that will please everybody.

Metropolitan bliss

If you’re feeling more of an urban vibe for your nuptials, there are plenty of great places to marry right in the centre of a city.

Grand buildings

Grand buildings in city centres aren’t just a point of attraction for tourists. Many new couples find their perfect wedding venue bang in the middle of a town – and how can you not fall in love with such majestic buildings? Amongst the grandeur you may even find a hidden gem that captures your heart – so don’t rule out a new find.

Centre of attention

If you opt for a wedding in a city centre you can be sure that your day will be the centre of attention and catch the eye of every passer-by – and who doesn’t want that, even just for one day?

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