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Top 5 Festival Wedding Ideas

If a traditional church wedding isn’t quite up your alley, why not opt for something slightly more alternative. For the festival-lovers among us, celebrate your love of sun, music and beer with a Glastonbury-style wedding!

While festival style weddings take slightly more organising than the average wedding, you can be certain that your day will be unique and special to the both of you. Here are our favourite festival wedding ideas that you can try out.

Pick a blanket

As with any outdoor wedding in the UK, you can promise that it’ll start to get chillier at some stage – and you don’t want your guests leaving early because of a nip in the air.

Instead, get prepared by creating a ‘Pick a Blanket’ table with plenty of blankets for everyone to be able to keep cosy!

Why stop at blankets? The items your guests may need is endless; brollies in case the rain sets in, flip flops for those weary dancing feet or even glow sticks to keep the party going.

Welly vases

Surely everyone likes a lot of flowers at their wedding, and when you’re going for a festival theme, there’s even more call for as many flowers in as many places as possible.

One inventive way we’ve seen flowers displayed is in wellington boots – and we can’t think of a more fitting way to show them off to the Glastonbury-loving guests.

Keep your own glass

Whenever you’re having an event outside, there’s always the mammoth task of cleaning up after everyone the next day. Just look at the sites of some of the biggest festivals in the UK once the bands have stopped playing and the festival-goers have headed home.

You may not have a muddy field to deal with, but there are some measures you can take to make the next day less stressful. Create a system where each guests takes only one glass and attaches a tag with their name on it. That way you won’t have to do loads of washing up- perfect.

The line up

Ah, what everyone’s here for. The line up for the festival is the itinerary for the big day, so don’t hold back on a nice display. You can add your own unique twist on this one, but some of the ideas we love are writing the times of the day’s events on a crate to keep everyone in the loop.

You can also pop sign posts around the site too if you’re quite spread out – you don’t want anyone to get lost in the evening!

Personalised passes

Many festival-goers prize the wristband that comes with the experience by leaving it on until it becomes so dirty it simply disintegrates. While you may not want to ask your guests to commit so heavily to your big day by never taking it off, you can still create your own wristbands as a memory of the day.

These are perfect for those who want to create a memory book or box and have something to mark the uniqueness of their day.

There’s loads of other ideas that we couldn’t fit on the list – what are your favourites? Drop us a comment below and let us know your ideas!

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