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How to Pull Off a Vintage Wedding

Not interested in a traditional, run-of-the-mill wedding? If you’re thinking of something unique that will be perfect for your and your partner’s big day, maybe a vintage-themed wedding is the way to go.

There are plenty of eras to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that suits your style! Have a look at our checklist below to see how you can seamlessly pull of a vintage-themed wedding.

Eyes on the detail

Firstly, if you’re going to do a vintage theme, you need to commit to it. That means putting money into even the smallest of details to ensure the finished product doesn’t come off tacky or unfinished.

From the colour of the buttons on the groomsmen’s outfits to the centrepieces on the dining tables, no touch is too small to think about when planning your wedding.

Stay consistent

The next step is to stick to your era. Inviting your guests to wear flares and headbands and turning up in a 50s style wedding dress may not make the wedding appear as flawless and unique as you first thought it would.

Make sure you choose your time period carefully and ensure that all the other details work around that – including your guests’ outfits if you want them to get involved!

The perfect carriage

What is a vintage bride without the perfect carriage to carry her to the church door? Start your wedding day in the era you wish to continue it in by choosing a ride to the church that will keep your guests chatting.

It might be a 20s style Gatsby car or a horse and carriage fit for a King and Queen. Whatever your choice, make sure it turns up on time!

Vintage up the photos

Who said you had to post all your wedding photos to social media, just because it’s the 21st Century? Rather than let your guests go wild on Facebook, politely ask them to refrain from posting and instead opt for a more unique way of documenting your day.

Whether it’s a photo booth (which are particularly popular) or even a Victorian-style photography session, there’s plenty of options for your vintage-style wedding. Just ensure that you’re consistent with the era that you’re planning on for your theme.

Alternative catering

Last but not least is the decision to get some alternative catering on the go for your big day! Food vans are perfect for a vintage wedding that adds something a little extra to your day.

Or if food vans aren’t your style, you could always invite your guests to go on a picnic with you and supply plenty of picnic foods for your special day!

Are you planning on putting on your own vintage-themed wedding? What are the top tips that are helping you through? Tell us over on Twitter!

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