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How Alternative Catering Can Transform Your Corporate Event

Everyone wants their corporate event to be the one people talk about for the rest of the year – as long as it’s for all the right reasons. If you want to really stand out, you’ll need to book the most interesting and unique entertainment, a great venue and of course, a memorable caterer.

Failing to perform spectacularly on all of these fronts can mean your event falls flat against the competition, who have spared no expense on raising their brand awareness by throwing the event of the year.

Alternative catering can be the pièce de resistance that gets your guests leaving raving reviews and waiting impatiently for next year. Whether you’re thinking of food vans, tapas bars or an indoor BBQ, no idea is too creative for your next corporate event. If you’re still not convinced, here’s five reasons why you should be jumping on the alternative catering bandwagon.

Offers variety

One of the great advantages of hiring a food van for your event is that there’s no limit on how many you can have. To cater to your guests different tastes, you can hire a couple of food vans with different types of dishes for the ultimate selection.

Or, for those sweet-toothed guests, why not have both a main course and a dessert van? You’ll be surprised by how many different desserts can now be served in a van – just find the right one that will fit with your event and that you’re sure guests will like.

Adds charm

Choose the right caterer and your event won’t just benefit from delicious food – you’ll also have some additional charm that will create a great atmosphere.

Often when we think about catering for an event, the worry can be that an eyesore of an oven will rock up and counteract the hours of hard work you’ve put into decorating the venue.

With an alternative catering option, this needn’t be a worry. Choosing wisely will land you with a charming food stall that will only add to your decorating efforts.

Delicious food

Obviously, the main advantage you’re really looking for from alternative catering is that the food will outshine any run of the mill catering other corporate events might have.

The aim to stand out against the competition can be cemented by fantastic and unique food that guests will be talking about for days after the event.

There’s no better alternative than some really delicious food for your event, and this small talk saver will be sure to get it off to a good start.

Makes your event unique

By thinking outside the box and hiring a caterer that others won’t have thought of or that guests may not have seen, you’re able to add a unique touch to your event.

This is hugely important if you want guests to be able to look back at your event and remember what it was for and who organised it. Unique ideas like this will mean guests remember your brand and, most importantly, what it stood for.

Promotes company values

Not only will guests remember your event for its uniqueness, they’ll remember that you chose to use independent food vendors rather than a large and corporate caterer. The focus to local and independent restaurants your corporate event will bring will show that your company recognises the importance of these businesses within society.

By hiring an independent caterer, you aren’t just benefitting your event or the caterer. You’re benefitting your company with an image that accurately represents what you stand for.

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