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5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Day

In the UK, we are a nation of pet lovers. Everyone adores to mollycoddle their cat, treat their pooch like a baby and even give their snake a pet name.

So, why wouldn’t you want them to be part of the biggest day of your life? There are plenty of ways to get them involved – here are just a few of our suggestions.

Alternative ring bearer

For those who’ve got a particularly well-behaved pet and who can trust them with the most important objects of the wedding – the rings – then why not get them to be your ring bearer?

There will be guaranteed smiles as your beloved friend makes their way up the aisle with the rings in tow. People have even been known to get their tortoises to bring the rings to the altar – we just hope they weren’t already running late!

Double wedding

If you’ve got a pair of pets who have long had their own love affair, why not tie the knot on the same day as them with a double wedding?

Pongo and Purdie style, you can make the day extra special by spending it with your very best friends – a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of your own family.

Flower… pup?

If you aren’t too keen on letting your pet loose with the rings, you could take it down a step and instead get them to be the bearer of flowers!

Adorn your pooch (or feline) in petals and if they’re well trained, get them to carry a bouquet too.

Invitations with a twist

If they can’t make the big day, you can still show all your friends how much you love your pet by popping their picture on your wedding invitations.

Quirky and adorable, this will be a sure way to grab your guests’ attention.

Pet charms

Missing your pet on the big day? Keep them close by with some bridal bouquet memory charms.

This way you aren’t leaving them out and they’re with you in spirit – perfect if you want to keep them with you on the day but don’t want the stress of looking after them when you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Do you plan to let your pet become a part of your big day, or will you be leaving them at home? Have you got a different plan for involving your pet in your wedding day? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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