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DIY Hacks for Your Wedding

Planning your wedding day can is an exciting adventure for couples looking to begin their life together, but in terms of your bank balance, it can soon become a drain.

Instead of frittering away your precious funds on the unnecessary add-ons, save money by DIYing your way through. Far from shambolic, DIY touches done well will add the hints of uniqueness and individuality every couples’ wedding needs.

Get crafty with decorations

Decorating the venue and the reception area can leave you with a big bill if you decide to purchase from a company. Instead, keep it simple and come up with your own designs.

While there will be certain touches that can’t be improvised (we don’t think paper plates would have your wedding guests raving) there are plenty of decorations that you can create yourself.

Everything from place settings to candles and bunting to tablecloths can be crafted by your own keen hands, along with some helpful friends!


If you’re in need of a table for the cake, or perhaps you’re after a rustic look for the reception chairs, avoid spending a fortune for a country-style look you can easily create yourself.

Upcycling, for those who aren’t on Pinterest, is the process of taking an old piece of furniture and giving it a new lease of life with some sanding, a lick of paint and some new handles.

Shabby chic is perfect for the outdoor summer wedding, especially if you’re having an outdoor reception too. Don’t be frightened to give your wedding a rustic touch by doing it yourself.


Before you even start spending money on the actual wedding, there’s everything you’ll need to sort beforehand. Small expenses you may not have considered will soon add up, which is why you should get stuck in and do as much as you can yourself.

Invitations are one of the small expenses couples can easily forget about, but the more you plan, the more you should try to save money when you can. Invitations are easy to make, especially if you have some experience of getting crafty.

Save money by creating your own invitations and personalising them for your guests. Plus, doing them yourself means you’ll be able to make them exactly how you envision, so there’s no ‘making do’ with a shop bought solution!


If you’re lucky enough to have a seamstress family member or friend, who is willing to help you out for your big day, why not save some money and get creative.

Rather than buying a standard dress everyone will have, and instead of spending all the wedding fund on a designer dress for a slice of individuality, put your very own stamp on the most important garment you’ll wear.

A dress that you like can easily be turned into one you love with a bit of lace here, a DIY veil there and a couple of changed buttons.

Make your own bouquets

For a spring/summer wedding, flowers are a must. Not only should you have them, but they should be as beautiful as possible, as it’s their time of year!

Unfortunately, flowers can also get pretty costly – especially if you’re planning on adorning the entire venue with them.

It may be a time-consuming task that takes some skill, but learning to create your own bouquet may save you a small fortune. You can find a tutorial for making your own wedding bouquet here.

Have you got any sneaky wedding DIY tricks we haven’t heard about? Share them in the comment section below!

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