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7 Need-to-Know Tips When You’re Planning a Themed Event

If you’re planning a themed event for the first time, it can feel like you’re entering a minefield. What do you start with, decorations or music? How do you pick a theme you know everyone will want to get involved with, and most importantly, what should you go as?

The questions are seemingly never ending, which is why these need-to-know tips will be your saviours over the coming weeks. Take some deep breaths and have a read so you know you’re covering all bases when planning your themed event.

1. Planning ahead comes with the territory

Planning is a no brainer when it comes to events – there’s a reason event planners are notorious for being incredibly organised! However, when you’re planning a themed event, there is even more demand for organisation.

Decorations will be harder to come by – particularly for those with a niche theme – which means you need to be extra organised to ensure everything arrives on time. Splash out on a new planner so you have you can keep your to do list close at all times.

2. Make sure everyone gets the fashion memo

If you’re making an effort to create a themed event, you want to make sure everyone gets the fancy dress memo. Send out invites and attach (in bold if you’re anxious) what the theme is and what kind of outfits you want your guests to dress up in.

For those who are struggling with ideas, keep a bank of reserves ready to whip out. We’ve all experienced the stress of trying to find a good fancy dress outfit – especially when it feels like all the good ideas have been taken. Make sure your guests keep a cool head by offering up ideas if they’re unsure where to start.

3. The theme should be well suited to the event

While having a masquerade bash for a four year old’s birthday party might be your ideal party, we’re sorry to tell you that in practice the two aren’t well matched.

To ensure your event is a success, match the theme of your event to the event itself. A mismatched event doesn’t mean it will be a total flop, but it might not be as big of a success as it could have been – plus, you could simply end up confusing the event-goers!

4. Personality always shines through

The beauty of throwing a themed bash is that personality can be put at the forefront of the planning. No matter whose event it is, you can incorporate their likes and dislikes via the implementation of a clever theme.

Consult whoever’s event it is to make sure you’re capturing their personality accurately and planning a themed event that embodies them – this is especially important for those planning a birthday party!

5. Original thinking equals a great event

People will have been to a lot of themed events – they may have even been to one with the same theme as yours. That’s why it’s so important to keep it as unique as possible by thinking outside the box.

The more original your event it, the higher chance they’ll have of remembering the night for the incredible success it turned into.

6. Half-hearted attempts won’t be applauded

If you’re going to throw a themed event, you need to throw a themed event. That means no half-hearted attempts where you’ll let your guests get away with chucking on a onesie and calling it fancy dress.

Instead, you need to get in the swing of things and encourage everyone to do the same. Going all out on a themed event will promise a great party with awe-inspired guests.

7. The proof is in the pudding

Only on the day of your event will you be able to tell if it’s going to be a true success. Prior to this there may have been plenty of planning and endless preparations, but none of that will matter if half of your guests catch the flu last minute.

The true measure of success when these things happen is how you handle these situations on the day: This is what will either make or break the event.

Are you planning a themed event? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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