Festival Themed Weddings

Festival Themed Weddings

Festival Themed Weddings Are The Future

Festival themed weddings continue to set the trend as more and more couples opt for more unconventional weddings.

The generation brought up on Glastonbury and Reading festival weekends are looking to recreate the heady and carefree memories of their youth by staging similar events for their weddings days.

Festival Themed Weddings

Festival Themed Weddings As Popular As Ever

Types Of Weddings

With festival themed weddings the sky is the limit and you can be as extravagant as you like depending on your budget.

At the higher end of the budget scale there are stunning marquees decorated to a high spec with amazing interiors to add glamour and style. But be prepared for the price tag that comes with it.

Tipi Weddings

Tipi weddings look wonderful and add a real wow factor to any wedding. All you need is a suitable field and your supplier can do the rest. Decor and furniture can also be included to your taste. But as before, tipis can be really expensive so expect your wedding budget to take a battering on this alone.

Wedding Catering

Choosing the right kind of wedding catering can set the tone for your wedding day and is one of the most important elements.

Informal and relaxed works best with festival themed weddings with all sorts of streetfood available. Quirky is best with options such as jacket potatoes and hog roasts .

You dont need spend a fortune on a formal sit down meal meaning that you can allocate your budget elsewhere

About Us

As specialist wedding caterers we have nearly 10 years experience catering at weddings. Aimed at those looking for something a little quirky and different for their weddings catering, Juicy Jackets is a popular concept particularly with festival themed weddings. Our Ultimate Catering Combo of Juicy Jackets and Juicy Hog is perfect for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.